MODEL BOOTCAMP - Course outline

CO.LAB MODELS in conjunction with MODEL CO. INTERNATIONAL offer training for both males and females of all ages and all ranges of experience. Course content will prepare you for how to navigate yourself through the modelling industry in a successful and professional manner.

You will also have the opportunity to have professional photos taken which can become part of your portfolio, build your comp card and be published in a print magazine.

We are seeking models with no experience, but a desire and passion to learn about how to launch a career in modelling through to those models who are ready to take their career to the next level and are seeking to be signed to agencies that have a proven track record in getting models work in print material including advertising, editorial and parade and walking work.

It is important to note that we are seeking models of all ages from 13 - 50 and both male and female.

You will receive a certificate of completion relevant to your level of attainment, the opportunity to be signed to an agency, the opportunity to be invited to participate in editorial magazine photoshoots and exposure to the industry.

Unit One - Induction and Industry Scope - Beginners

Here you will learn"
1. Types of modelling
2. Industry standards
3. Insight into the modelling industry
4. How models get paid
5. What are the most common payment types
6. What you need in order to start modelling now
7. Overview of modelling do's and don'ts

Unit Two - Photographic Training

In this unit you will learn about various genres of photographic modelling including: advertising, catalogue and editorial magazines. John-Alex, our trainer is well established and known in the fashion and modelling industry. He has had his work published in over forty magazines worldwide, including Vogue, Vogue Italia, The Huff and Kaltblut Berlin, to name a few. He will show you how to find your best angle and adapt to diverse concepts of photo-shoots.

You will learn the theory on how to move in front of the camera, what photographers expect from you, how to supercharge your chances of getting signed and advancing your career.

In this unit you will learn:
1. How to pose for the camera including points on posing (hands, arms, body, legs, feet,
hands, eyes and chin)
2. How to understand your angles and know what works best for you
3. How to practice
4. The do’s and don’ts when going to jobs
5. What’s a model kit and what is in it & What to wear to a photo shoot
6. What to look for in a portfolio (and what is a portfolio)
7. Which equipment you should know?
8. What types of photographic modelling there are and what your options are
9. What a model release form / agreement is

Unit Three - Catwalk Training

Time to walk the walk! Learn the different runway techniques for various types of catwalk. John-Alex has worked as a professional international model himself, as well as having trained many models for the local and international circuit! He has been on many Australian and worldwide runways, so has a lot of wisdom and personal experience to pass onto you during this unit. He has also coordinated and
organised parades for various purposes, from the ground up including selecting models at castings and preparing models for castings for major fashion events. The modelling industry is competitive, so attention to detail to perfect technique is vital.
In this unit you will learn:
1. The two types of catwalk “attitude”
2. Posture & Movement techniques
3. Facial expressions
4. Posing
5. Body awareness and control &Hands / feet placement
6. Body balance
7. Turns
8. Various walks
9. Garment control & Using props
10. Personality on the catwalk

Unit Four – Actor Training, Interviewing and Casting Techniques for Actors & Models 

Our Drama Coach, Myles Glen who has been trained at West Australian Institute of Contemporary Arts has vast experience in training and preparing people in the performing arts, writing and producing shows and had considerable experience in performing in an array of genre himself.
2. Stage Craft and use of stage to engage audience through body and voice
3. Portraying emotions and energy through movement techniques, facial expressions, body awareness and control, hands/feet placement.

Interview and casting skills are also essential to succeed in any industry. John-Alex & Myles will show you how to best represent yourself through verbal and non-verbal communication.

In this unit you will learn:
1. Interview techniques
2. How to present and represent yourself
3. Verbal and non-verbal communication
4. Etiquette
5. How to stand out from the crowd
6. Professional resume building
7. Complementary model and actor resume template
8. Complementary model cover letter questions

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